UTBC A New Generation of whole Industry Service Ecosphere

 What is UTBC?

The etheric generic chain, or UTCB for short, is a decentralized, integrated lifestyle service, entertainment game, social services, UTBC and so on, using the fourth-generation block chain technology to integrate business applications from all industries around the world. As the world's first block chain application platform based on physical industries, it combines the real economy system with the digital money of intangible assets, and works to solve the problems of commodity supply, payment, circulation, exchange, financial trust, etc. Make use of block chain technology to create a whole-industry trading service ecosystem.

Advantages and characteristics

  • The team has rich experience

    the global general service management system of various industries, which has been painstakingly researched and developed by a team of nearly 100 people in various fields, has a total cost of more than $30 million. It is an application of block chain technology in the physical industry based on the introduction, digestion and absorption of advanced foreign technologies.

  • Software and hardware combination of encryption algorithms

    innovative software and hardware combination of encryption algorithm, each UTCB user, when the UTBC (UTBC) has more than 500, will receive a hardware cryptographic device, and combined with the asymmetric encryption on the line, Double encryption, hackers cannot obtain hardware, completely unable to crack the user's personal account.

  • Millions of levels of trading speed

    By using DAG high concurrent multithreading technology, the number of transactions per second in the Ethernet generic chain can reach millions, which can greatly meet the need of large-scale payment in the future.

  • Trace to the source

    Combining with the technology of Internet of things and using traceability technology, we can realize the information that cannot be tampered with from the production, logistics, warehousing, distribution and so on, and record it on the network node by distributed recording, which ensures the whole process monitoring of the commodity.

overall architecture

Application scenarios

Integrated traceability system

Quick payment system

A convenient trading exchange system

Currency transactions

Point-to-point transactions

UTBC value system

  • Requirements

    obtained UTBC to book goods (support US dollar, euro or encrypted currency payments). The etheric generic chain will focus on listing agreements with exchanges to ensure that the UTBC can easily circulate and settle in other currencies.

  • Aim

    to obtain UTBC to access all aspects of information provided by the etheric generic chain to achieve the purpose of commodity trading.

  • Supply

    block chain commodity transactions will be paid and settled in the form of UTBC. Users can pay with their own UTBC, or buy UTBCs from other sources.

Application value Analysis of UTBC

The etheric generic chain is the first block chain application platform based on physical industry, which combines the real economy system with the digital currency of intangible assets and covers shopping, game payment, hotel consumption, financial management and other areas, and a combination of social functions, ride-hailing, and other shared economic functions. With the commercial as the core, creating the commodity ecological alliance of "genuine goods, traceability, direct transaction, high privacy", and constructing a valuable and efficient alliance body around "production and consumption individuality service". The business form alliance takes "genuine goods, no fake goods" as the starting point, creates a to-center, can trust, the exchange and The commodity platform of service can make consumers more secure, guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and form a healthy ecological circle of commodity industry, which will promote the development and innovation of the whole industry.

Road map for development planning

Team introduction

  • Jack Ma

    ○1He has worked on Google Facebook, including 8 years of software engineering at Google. ○2Started to pay close attention to block chain technology in 2011, proficient in block chain technology, and the cumulative development of dozens of projects.

  • Mick Jun

    ○1Early has more than 8 years of experience in the development of e-commerce platform, in dealing with such problems as high concurrency and stability. Problem solving, geek spirit. ○2Social applications were developed in 2011, and began to focus on block chains in 2015, specializing in e-commerce networks, intelligent push algorithms, block chains and other technologies.

  • Tim Bane

    ○1 Senior block chain developers. ○2 In risk control, financial research, and the development of a number of cryptographic money and block chain related projects.

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